COPE Vinyl w. Signed Artwork

COPE Vinyl w. Signed Artwork

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COPE is the band's fourth studio album -- and was recorded in the newly self-built Favorite Gentlemen Studios in Atlanta.

An unrelenting heavy 38 minutes long, the album shows a shift in sonic direction from the more experimental previous album Simple Math.

“We wanted to make the kind of album that was missing at that time in rock: something that was just brutal and pounding you over the head every track; something unrelenting and unapologetic,” lead singer Andy Hull explains. “Our mission statement was to make a crazy-loud rock record."

For each of their first three albums, Manchester Orchestra had worked with producers Dan Hannon and Joe Chicarelli in established studios in Nashville and Atlanta. But they wanted to try something different this time: The band bought a house in Atlanta where some of them had previously lived as roommates, and spent money they’d saved to gut, renovate and soundproof the whole building, turning it into the studio where they would record COPE.

The album was mixed by John Agnello (Dinosaur, Jr., Kurt Vile, The Thermals, Sonic Youth) in Brooklyn, NY.

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